In as much as I have a “HELL NO” self-care list, it’s only fair to have a “HELL YES” self-care list. Yes? The thing is, I don’t call it a the HELL YES self-care list. I call it the YES, YES self-care list. Motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols uses yes, yes to make sure that her tribe really get what she’s saying when she’s teaching. I love that. So I’ve taken a page out of her book, and to reaffirm that I want to do something, I give it a yes, yes. Saying yes when it’s good for us is just as important as saying no when it’s bad for us.

Here are 10 things I give a hearty yes, yes to.

  1. Putting me first. Period.
  2. Doing work that I love to do
  3. Asking for help (new)
  4. Doing the things I’m scared to do
  5. Spending time with my family
  6. Making time to give back and help others.
  7. People who understand me and can be honest with me
  8. Making self-care a priority (God first, me, then others)
  9. Learning, evolving and improving myself
  10. Practicing patience with myself and with others

You get the picture. Care for yourself enough to say yes to the things that will bring joy to your life and enhance your well-being. What are some of the things on your YES, YES list? We’d love to hear, so do share.

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