Believe in yourself

It’s time to set your intentions for 2015 and beyond. The year is winding down, and soon 2014 will be no more. For me it seems like a blur. My year was filled with all things big, small and medium sized. It was filled with good, bad, and ugly; with smiles, laughter, and tears. But it was a blessed year. And I am grateful and humbled by all I have experienced.

I’m grateful for my evolution of body, mind and spirit. Now i’m looking forward to a new year of more lessons, blessings and evolutions in other areas of my life. I will make my intentions very clear to God and myself. I will write them down. I will envision them. I will ask. I will believe. I will receive.

I encourage you to envision your life a year from now. See in your mind’s eye what that life looks like, what it sounds like, what it smells like, what it tastes like, what it feels like. Then write down those visions, and get to work. And don’t forget to ask, believe and get ready to receive.

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