You don’t smoke, drink nor do you spend every weekend partying like it’s 1999. Yet you’ve got circles under your eyes. Where did they come from?  Dark circles can be caused by hyperpigmentation, which causes the under eye area to appear darker than the rest of the skin.

Other factors may include, genetics, aging, poor nutrition, dehydration, stress, sleep deprivation or excessive TV viewing, and computer usage. Anything sounds familiar?

The eye area is very thin, delicate and sensitive and there are tons of products on the market that are formulated to treat this extremely delicate area. Therefore, when purchasing creams for your eyes, look for natural ingredients that address your particular problem.

Cremes for dark circles should include, cucumber extract, Vit K and C, yarrow and Gingko Biloba. For wrinkles, look for aloe vera, acai berry extract, and soy proteins.

If puffs are your problem, cucumber extract, aloe vera, Vit C and green tea works really well. At home, you can also use cucumber slices or a frozen bag of peas on the eye to reduce puffiness.

Poor nutrition and lifestyle habits can also have a huge impact on the way our skin behaves. So, for a healthier eye area, here are some easy tips to try:

  1. lots of water to hydrate your skin from the inside.
  2. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B and folic acid. Fish oil is a great supplement.
  3. Reduce the amount of time spent in front of the computer or television. And when doing so, wear reading glasses with an anti-glare coating.
  4. Support your liver. Eastern practitioners have long believed that the eyes are the windows to the liver’s health. Eat lots of food from the cruciferous family of vegetables that support the liver detox phase 1 and 2.

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