A manifesto is a living statement about what’s important to you and how you want to live your life. It contains your beliefs and  your intentions. Though some things may remain constant, the entire document is not supposed to stay the same. Rather, some of it should change and grow as you change and grow. This is my manifesto.

My self-care manifesto is my living statement. My beliefs and my intentions. It’s a  set of values and intentions that have helped me along my Inside Outer Beautiful self-care journey. I’ve had to  work diligently and consistently to incorporate all the beliefs on this list. Some I’ve mastered, and some I’m still working to get better at every day. Perhaps I’ll even remove a few, the ones that I practice effortlessly. We’ll see.

Come 2016, I’ll be adding to this list, the things that are new and important in my life. And that’s because there have been lots of growth and new perspectives added to my life in 2015. I’m thankful and I’m grateful for the growth I’ve achieved. I’m living my manifesto.

Wanna template to get you started? Download yours below or here

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