I read quite a lot of books this past year, and some made a significant impact on my life and wellness journey. This is my 2014 best book list, and will definitely be re-reads for 2015 and beyond.

 Jesus Calling: my constant companion. Every day it reminds me of whom all my blessings cometh from. It provides me peace, perspective and the wisdom I need to face each day.

 Finding Your Own North Star: helped me deal with my fears. I’m now able to distinguish between real fear and fake fear. My north star is in sight, i’ll be in my grasp in 2015.

 The Desire Map: was most instrumental in helping me understand and fine-tune what my true desires are.

 On Writing Well: well, now that i’m officially an author, I can say that this little book (the best) made the process a whole lot easier. Every one who aspires to be a better writer should have one. The lessons are pivotal and priceless – well, a mere $9.99.

 5 Steps of Fabulous: reignited the importance of embodying my experiences – good and bad – and living authentically, shamelessly and fabulously.

 The Fire Starter Sessions: makes me want to start a revolution; a plus forty and fabulous revolution, because it’s was the age of awakening for me. The age when the confusion, and chaos in my mind erupted. I want to start a revolution that encompasses radical self care, health, happiness, uniqueness, generosity, compassion, sisterhood,bio-individuality and worth for us women of a certain age.

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