Meet Possibilitarian & Coach Vallori Thomas


I’m a Possibilitarian. I sometimes marvel at the simplest things, because I see possibility in everything and everyone.”

-Vallori Thomas

Vallori Thomas, WOW’s Founder and Principal Coach, is an ICF certified coach known for delivering potent results. She has expertise in professional development, leadership and corporate training, team dynamics, communication, as well as executive and one-on-one coaching. A practitioner of Context Mastery, Vallori is adept at vision building and breakthrough learning. She is an enthusiastic and indefatigable keynote speaker and facilitator who has conducted adult and youth leadership development programs in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C, Seattle, and Atlanta.


Recently, Vallori began expanding her reach to other countries, traveling first to South Africa and later to Peru to bring a message of empowerment, and to raise money and awareness for indigent social programs there. She focuses largely on women, entrepreneurs, corporate development and youth.


With a background in entertainment that focused on service delivery, Vallori went on to become an executive in the fashion industry. She says that the coaching she received from her mentor, Robin Lynn, Founder of Momentum Education, is what empowered her to undertake a career in a new industry and be successful at it. That’s also when Vallori discovered her own talent for coaching and began developing the skills and expertise that led to the creation of WOW Coaching and Consulting.


In 2003, Vallori founded her own nonprofit organization that provides personal effectiveness and performance training to women seeking to re-enter the workforce following an institutional hiatus. She has been profiled in local newspapers; “The Huff Post”, “Amsterdam News”, a recurring guest on the Dr. Oz Show, the access cable programs “Never II Late” and “Something to Offer,” as well as “News 12”in New York. She is currently writing a book of inspirations “It’s A Great Day To Be Amazing! A Real Life 365 Day Guide to Purpose & Possibility”.

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