Hey there beauties. I wanted to share this little snippet.  Growing up, I didn’t learned to ride a bike very well. I was too busy playing with and dressing my dolls and doing all the arts and crafty things my grandmother indulged me in. But I always secretly yearned to learn. So, three years ago I bought a bike and have been practicing every summer. Yes, i’m learning to ride a bike at 43. Actually, I started to learn at 40.

So many times I hear from able, bodied women, especially plus forty women, that they are to old to do this or do that, even though it’s a burning desire. Basically, they are limited by self-talk, societal expectations, fear of judgement from peers, family, etc. And so they never get to experience their joy. 

It’s natural and understandable to be a victim of your environment, from birth to present. However, if your desire is to be free, then you gotta bust out, be bold and be you. Change the perspective that you’ve had all along, about whatever is holding you back from doing the things you want to do and the things that you love to do. Don’t miss out on fun and happiness. Don’t miss out on live. It’s so very important for our well being.

I can speak from experience. I carry around limiting beliefs like everyone else. I have those bantering matches with old voices my head. But I do what I have to to get them in check.  I oust them. I wanna be free to be me. To be happy. To live. To laugh. 

I want the same for you too. Do more of what makes you happy.


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