#SelfCareConnoisseur: a woman who is an expert in – or learning – the very fine art of caring for herself so she can serve all in her charge with greatness, and succeed in business and in life.

The beauty of SELF-CARE is the FREEDOM is can bring to you to be able to live beautifully inside and out. It is the vehicle that can take you from undone to on top of this wickedly, wonderful world. It can take you from fed up to freedom, from unhealthy to healthy, from broke to bringing in the big bucks, from fearful to fearless, from passionless to purposeful, from unhappy to blissful, from staycationer to global vacationer, from giving up to giving back. Yes! The possibilities are endless.
But, it takes a village.

This group is our soulful, safe, sacred village, where we can be in service to one another in the true spirit of sisterhood, love and self-care.

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