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Dixie’s gift for comprehending the body’s needs is amazing. She helped me gain clarity, and together we created a plan of action that helped me detox my pantry and my body with nourishing food and lifestyle choices. I now live from a self-caring space that includes awareness as an anchor, and that works beautifully for me and those around me.

Allie De Silva

Alumni Community Manager, Brunswick Group

Dixie possesses a tremendous love for the body. Wanna know why your body is so stubborn about setting free those extra pounds? Wanna know why your persistent cravings won’t cease? Want guidance in getting past what the lack of self-care is costing you? She has a toolkit (from her experiences and learning) that will help you succeed.

Tarsha Marshall

Celebrity Hair Stylist & Entrepreneur, Glamworks

Dixie is the real deal. Thanks to her infinite wisdom, I’ve lost 20 pounds and counting. Everyone asks…how did you do it?…I respond with…”I met an amazing woman who taught me the basic principles of being conscientious of what I put into my body because we only get one”. 

Thanks so much Dixie!! You are truly a blessing!!

Manisha Reynolds-Franklin

Business Development Director, Well Point

Hi, beautiful.

My name is Dixie Lincoln – Nichols. 3 1/2 years ago, I left my stable, pension-paying, science teaching job after 14 years. You see for quite some time, I was dissatisfied with my role and purpose in life. Something was missing, and I wanted to discover it. I had my first daughter at 19, and from that point on it was all about sacrifices and caring for the people in my life and ensuring they had everything they needed. I felt if they were happy and fulfilled, I’d be happy and fulfilled. That’s what was passed down to me. It was what I learned. In essence, I’d left myself undone in so many ways, and that started to lead to resentment for the very people I was trying to make happy since the tender age of 19.

So at 40, I stepped out on faith and I began a new journey. A journey of faith and renewed hope. A journey of self-discovery and self-care. A journey that’s changed my perspective and the way I live my life. And for that, I’m so very, very grateful. My journey has brought me to a place of radical self-care, and by doing so, I’ve created more profound and beautiful relationships with the people I love. And as my journey continues, I look forward to sharing what I’ve been fortunate enough to learn with as many women as I possibly can along the way.

No woman is an island. I didn’t do this alone. I was fortunate enough to have great support from coaches, mentors, family, friends and women like me. It truly does take a village.


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Journey is taking off.


21 days of simple and loving acts done by you for you.


It matters not how old you are. It’s never too late to make the decision to care for yourself. It’s never too late to want fulfillment in your life. However,  being fulfilled requires moment by moment decisions and actions that are healthy and beneficial to us. The key my beauties to fulfilling your desires lies inside of you, in a place where, only you can come to the understanding and acceptance that you are worthy of, and need care, and then only you can make the decision to take care of you, inside and out.


The question is, are you ready to commit to caring for yourself?


Are you ready to start the journey inward, to dig deep and discover those spaces and places where work must be done, work that will change your perspective on who you are and what your purpose is; work that will free you to be the beautiful being you were born to be.

I know, “easier said than done.” But it’s much easier being proactive about an issue you know is not serving you than it is to sit back and be increasingly unfulfilled.

The simple yet profound act of self-care is ongoing. It’s purposeful. It’s rewarding. it’s enlightening. It’s uplifting. It’s soulful. It’s spiritual. It’s physical. It’s emotional. It’s devotional. It’s transformational. It’s divine, and so much more.

So again, are you ready? If you are, let’s dive into some of the little ways in which you can make a big, positive impact on your life.

You are beautiful and worthy and deserve to have a life filled with as much happiness and contentment as you possibly can. Rest and renewal can be obtained in so many different ways, but we’re going to explore a mere 21. Just enough to jump-start, ignite and spread the flame of self-care in your beautiful life.


Let’s get into some satisfying self-care cuties! Sign up to be notified when it’s beginning.


Oh yeah, and it’s absolutely FREE!

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