Lenora Houseworth is a multi-passionate social media strategist and writer in New York City. By day, she works with small businesses and startups on their content strategy as a social media consultant.

By night, she is a passionate writer who has bylines in places like Glaad.orgBlackEnterprise.com, and News One with a focus on tech, activism and women’s empowerment.

Lenora has worked with both large and small companies, including FTD Flowers, HarperCollins and Barnes & Noble on their social media and digital content strategy.

She is also the creator of her own social media/ passion project and blog, www.DareMeBeautiful.com, which focuses on body positivity for women and girls of color. In her spare time, she is a social media mentor at the startup 1871 in Chicago, her hometown.

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In This Episode Lenora Talks About

    • Her work as a social media strategist and consultant
    • Tips to help you successfully manage your social media campaign
    • Her body positive social media campaign, Dare Me Beautiful
    • The wellness challenge she’s dealt with since the age of 22 and how she manages to stay healthy and optimistic.


” Beauty is complete owness of who you are.”


The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho

Fave Quote

[ctt title=”‘Surviving is important but thriving is elegant.’ Dr. Maya Angelou” tweet=”‘Surviving is important but thriving is elegant.’ Dr. Maya Angelou” coverup=”9x4JF”]

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