Angela Richardson is the founder, formulator and product developer of PUR Home. She is passionate about natural products and began her journey into eco-friendly living 5 years ago when she made her first ever natural bar of soap. She has been obsessed ever since.

Her love for ingredients and their functioning is what drives her to create natural household and skincare products.

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In This Episode Angela Talks About

    • The impetus behind her decision to change her lifestyle and create a business focused on safer household products.
    • The mission of her company PUR Home
    • Some toxicant laden ingredients found in conventional brands and why they should concern us
    • Three tips for anyone who is curious about converting to healthier cleaning options for their home.
    • The self-care rituals she practices to bring peace and calm into her life


” I believe in leading by example.”

“Toxicless living is a journey.”


Easy Green Living: Renée Loux

Fave Quote

Bible Verse: Isiah 61, Verses 1-3

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