Ilsy J. Hoo was born and raised in New York City,  a proud mom of two as well as the CEO & Founder of Accomplished Women LLC, and iHoo Media. Accomplished Women, a life & business coaching service, was formed to help women identify their personal or business goals, and develop strategies to reach them.

Through this organization, she is able to work with women across the country to help them become better versions of themselves. Her love of making connections and helping people create a strong online presence led her to create iHoo Media, a branding and social media management consulting firm.

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In This Episode Ilsy Talks About

  • The creation of her companies, Accomplished Women LLC, and iHoo Media
  • The definition of an accomplished woman
  • Her perspective on beauty
  • Her struggle with postpartum depression and how she overcame the illness
  • The self-care rituals that keeps her grounded


” When you go through postpartum depression, sometimes you become silent.”

” I consider myself a survivor of postpartum depression.”

” To get over depression, it takes self-care. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

” Being a mother…..they are project managers: they manage their homes, kids, spouses, etc.”

” One of the things I did to overcome depression was sought guidance through therapy.”

” Be patient. Set goals. Write down what you’ve done so far. You’ll see how much you’ve accomplished.”



Unclipped Wings: A Diary Of a Warrior Woman: Ilsy Jo Hoo (To Be Published)


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