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Jessica Jade empowers women to practice self-care that aligns with their feminine health! She is a Holistic Health Coach, the Wellness Writer of, and Artisan of the organic skin-care line SunKiss Organics. As a holistic health coach, she encourages women to carve time for self-care and balance to joyously heal their health.

She provides them with the tools and support to eat real food, live active lives, have beautiful glowing skin, and experience healthy relationships.

Jessica’s wellness site also inspires women to focus on self-care by highlighting natural beauty recipes, healthy home tips and tricks for living a balanced life.

Lastly, by following in the footsteps of generations of women in her family, she crafts an organic skin care line that is nourishing and healing for all. As a holistic health coach, wellness advocate, and skin-care artisan, Jessica Jade’s soul-purpose is to empower women to joyously heal their health.

In This Episode Jessica Talks About

  • The series of events that led her to health coaching
  • The concept and creation of her company, Sun Kiss Organics
  • The wellness landscape and where she sees black women in the space
  • Joyous Coaching services and Joyous Girls give back program
  • Her role as an activist


“Everyone’s path to wellness/self-care is different.”

“One person’s food can be poison to another.”

“I totally think I’m an activist. I’m fighting for inclusion and diversity in the wellness space.”

“My focus is on women and girls of color because those are my people. Those are the people I know the most and can provide culturally relevant information to.”

“Feeling beautiful, joyous and healthy is at the center of everything.”



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