Petula Skeete’s personal search for beauty has transformed into an illustrious career and a lifelong passion to bring out the best in others. She is one of the most reputable Emmy Award Winning celebrity hairstylists in the industry, best known for creating signature looks for Robin Roberts, lead anchor of Good Morning America.

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She has been a cosmetologist for more than 20 years, enhancing clients from all walks of life. The most recent chapter in Petula’s life is #beautyFULL, which she defines as a customized look or feeling that varies throughout all individuals.

Petula is known to inspire and empower women to share their #beautyFULL stories as a form of releasing their inner beauty. She is also the proud owner of Glitz & Glam Boutique, a one-of-a-kind shop located in her native Nevis, West Indies.

In This Episode Petula talks About

  • Her early life growing up in St. Kitts Nevis and how her experience affected her self-worth
  • The catalyst behind her empowerment movement, #beautyFULL (hashtag beautyFULL)
  • Why the #beautyFULL movement is needed in this current, social climate
  • The mission of #beautyFULL
  • How the movement have impacted young girls and women
  • How she found healing after a depression diagnosis
  • Book(s) and quote(s) that’s inspired her along her #beautyFULL journey


“In times of trial, you cannot go around the mountain, you have to go through it.”

“We’re not defined by the color of your skin.”


Fave Quote(s)

“When preparation meets opportunity you have success” ~ Pastor


Fave Book(s)

  • Live Your Best Life Now: Joel Osteen

Self-Care Ritual(s)

  • The practice of always turning negativity into something positive

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