Ahyiana Angel is a traditionally published author as well as host and creator of the Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast, where she is the chief encourager.

She is the former co-creator of a buzzed-about jewelry line featured in Vogue Magazine and worn by pop icon Beyoncé; creator of a debut novel worthy of traditional publishing; and creator of a stellar career in publicity having worked with one of the top sports entertainment leagues, the national basketball association (NBA). Ultimately, her proudest accomplishment is creating a platform where others find encouragement as a result of her positive energy, skill, and fearless attitude.

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Ahyiana is a seasoned executor who eventually blocked out the world’s ideas of success, quit her highly coveted position at the NBA, moved to London and traveled the world for a stint, then followed her passion in writing to find her purpose in encouragement.

Mastering the art of note-worthy ideation, Ahyiana taps into her more than 12 years of professional business marketing experience to lend her thoughts on professional development, digital marketing, contemporary brand styling, personal development and more.

In addition to her extensive professional background, Ahyiana has worked on special projects including the Beauty + Books Makeup Mixer, I Need New Friends Brunch and the Publish That Book Workshop.

In This Episode Ahyiana Talks About

  • Her job as a publicist with the NBA and what compelled her to quit.
  • Her days as former co-creator for the buzzed-about jewelry line featured in Vogue magazine and worn by Beyoncé.
  • How she landed a traditional book deal and the inspiration behind its creation.
  • The sacrifices she made to get what she wanted.
  • Her travels to London and Europe.
  • The meaning behind the name of her Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast.
  • How she came to be the chief encourager and the most satisfying aspects of the job.
  • Three tips to consider when wanting to break out of the norm.
  • Her take on beauty and some of her best practices.
  • The self-care rituals that set the tone for her day.
  • The plot twits journal, an appetizer to The Plot Twist Planner, which will be coming soon.
  • 3 pillars within the Switch, Pivot or Quit journal.
  • Her short-term goals for live podcast series and workshops in the San Francisco Bay area.

Fave Quote

[ctt title=”I reaffirm all the good that life has to offer me ~ Ahyiana Angel” tweet=”I reaffirm all the good that life has to offer me ~ Ahyiana Angel @spqpodcast @inouterbeauty” coverup=”b1qdK”]


Fave Book

The Success Principles: Jack Canfield

Self-Care Rituals

  • Daily journaling.
  • Read Affirmation Cards
  • A few minutes of reading an inspirational book
  • Quiet time to meditate or just being.

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