Andrea Patrick is one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. She is head over heels in love with her family, daughters: Jordan, Jessica and Hannah, and Husband Joseph, and her passion for life and helping others is so strong, it casts a glow that reminds you of the heat radiating off the sun.

After going through a personal epiphany, Andrea realized the answer to many of life’s challenges lie in the personal journey one must take to discover their truth. It’s through her own journey Andrea developed her programs.

She was influenced by the strong women of her family and inspired by the success of those she admired. The encouragement led to her desire to help others discover their “true why” and then apply it to a clear, consistent and authentic way of expression.

With nearly 20 years of making women look and feel their best as a licensed cosmetologist, fashion stylist, and marketing professional, she is not tackling the digital space with programs, courses, and most recently a magazine.

Andera’s mantra is “when you look, good, you feel good and when you feel good about how you look you’ll find CONFIDENCE.”

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to cultivate your authentic personal style


Wellness Issue

  • To bring balance and health back to her gut and life, Andrea sought professional assistance to help her manage a sugar addiction, cravings, and diabetes. Listen up to learn more.

Self Care Ritual

  • Cleansing and pampering her face at the end of the day is the Woosah she needs before bedding down.

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Dixie Lincoln- Nichols is a wife, mama, science educator, author, certified health coach and entrepreneur. Her work has been featured in media outlets like, Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, Essence Online, Tampa Tribune and more. She is currently the Chief Self-care Connoisseur and founder of I. O. Beauty Market, where she curates products that are free of toxic, harmful ingredients.

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