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Greetings beautiful ones – hope your year is off to a great start. I hope all your visions and intentions come to fruition.

In December, 2014 I published my first book. This was something that I wanted to accomplish for several years no. But, i’m not an experienced writer. Writing was never my first love, and my writing style was totally scientific. I could put together a great science report, but an informational book? “Ah, maybe not” I thought. Nonetheless, I made the intention to write the book within 5 years. 

I’m happy to say that in putting fear, perfectionism and doubt aside I was able to start the book in June of 2014 and finished in in November of 2014. I did it. Yes, I did. Is it perfect? Absolutely not? Do I care about that? Absolutely not. I care about the effort, the will and the resolve I mustered up to make it happen.

The fact that I was able to set aside some hampering, limiting beliefs about myself and press forward to achieve this intention is rewarding enough. I’m totally proud of this accomplishment. So, without further ado here’s an overview.

Book Overview

We all want to put our healthiest skin forward, for it is the first thing the world sees. But genetics and the environment can sometimes thwart those well intended plans. For some, great looking skin is inherent. For others it is a task. And still for others it is a down right battle.

Whether you have normal skin or oily skin, teen skin or mature skin, you’ll find applicable and actionable solutions for your specific skin type, that will help guide you on your journey toward obtaining and maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

From the teenage years to the sixties an beyond, Inside Outer Beauty examines the principle that healthy an gorgeous skin is a result of well rounded care, which includes a clean diet that’s rich in nutrient-dense foods, a consistent and appropriate skin care regimen, radical self care, and heightened mindfulness and spirituality.

Inside Outer Beauty  is available in:

Hardcover at  Barnes & Nobles, Amazon,

Ebook/Ereaders:, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon 

I would love it if you check it out and then provide a review.

Today I want to encourage you to believe your intentions. Write them down. Tell someone. Put them in the universe. Pray about them, and watch them come to pass.


Love & Thankfulness

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