Soshy Adelstein is a Health Coach, mama, body positive enthusiast and intuitive eating expert. She helps women from all over the world overcome common health issues such as binge eating, sugar addiction, cravings, body image issues and yo-yo dieting.

Her inclusive and loving approach allows her clients to get instant relief and long-term results.


In This Episode Soshy Talks About

  • Some of the events that contributed to her struggle with food and body image
  • Why she became a health coach
  • What it means to embody nutrition
  • Losing 30lbs, and how she solved the weight loss mystery”
  • Why she was called a “Wizard” in a Huffington Post article
  • How motherhood changed your life
  • How she managed prenatal anxiety and insomnia at 19 weeks into her pregnancy
  • What she’s doing to make nutritional support affordable for women


“Most people who lose weight will gain it back in 3-5 years.”

“Food is a blessing. It gives you a look at what is happening with your body.”

“Most of our health has to do with our emotions and our minds.”

” I love most humans, but whom I allow into my circle is of high value.”

“I will teach you how to eat well. I will teach you how to eat right, but what happens to your body after is not in your control.”

“Treat your bodies kindly. Eat well and everything else will fall into place.”

“Life is now.”

“If you don’t nourish the quality of your life now, the quality of your life late is not going to be great.”

“There is no way you can succeed and get to the top by yourself.”

” In our culture, the easiest thing you can do is struggle by yourself, and the hardest thing to do is reach out and ask for help.”

“I know there is privilege, and I know I have privilege.”


The Slow Down Diet: Mark David


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Dixie Lincoln- Nichols is a wife, mama, science educator, author, certified health coach and entrepreneur. Her work has been featured in media outlets like, Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, Essence Online, Tampa Tribune and more. She is currently the Chief Self-care Connoisseur and founder of I. O. Beauty Market, where she curates products that are free of toxic, harmful ingredients.

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