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Hey beauties. I’m ending my month long breast cancer awareness posts with some more great resources.  If you’re a techie like me then this app is definitely for you. However, if you’re not into the technological side of life, aka the dark side – just kidding – i’ve got an old school method that works just as well. As a matter of fact, it’s what I used before I discovered this app.

So after I downloaded the check your selfie app, I followed the directions to set a reminder, which I scheduled for the following day. It reminded me to check my self and guided me through the process of how to go about accurately checking. So every month  i’ll be reminded to check myself on the scheduled day.

As you can see it starts with let’s do this. Once you’re done checking, you have the option to share with your friends on facebook, twitter or email. It’s a great way to remind your village of sisters to check themselves. Remember, young women in their early 20’s are being diagnosed with this horrible disease. So, do share. This will be my scheduler of choice from now on.

For the techless beauties out there, as promised here is a cool old school guide to checking your selfie. This video is for you.



And there you have it. Take care beauties.

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