A Bit About Regina

Regina Fleming is an industry authority on beauty, health, and fitness. She is a former professional model and currently a marathon runner.  Regina graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and St. John’s University and has traveled the world as an award-winning photographer. Her love and mission are to inspire and motivate woman in life, business, and fitness.

It goes without saying that Regina takes self-care quite seriously. Take a peek at her self-care rituals.


Her Self-care Rituals:


Upon waking, I pray; it is my form of meditation. I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with and I pray for my family, friends and the
world. I then stretch and wake up my body and then off to the gym at 5 am. I am a runner and I train 5 days a week. This is my alone time and allows me to get clarity for the day.

During the day, I do my best to only speak with people who are positive and leave me feeling good, excited and happy both during the call and after I hang up. Surrounding myself with the people (my tribe) and things that fill me up with light and good energy is a form of self-care!

My home is my sanctuary. I created it that way and I call my home “Serenity House.” All of the rooms are either white or light-colored making it feels light and airy. I do my best to keep it clutter free so that it is visually relaxing and it feels good to be inside of. At the end of the day, I make sure that I receive 7 to 8 hours of restorative sleep, most nights.


Several days a week, I take restorative baths with bath salts, bubble bath and the most beautiful smelling candles that I can find. Life can be so busy that I can sometimes get lost in the day to day, week to week shuffle, and by sitting still several days a week I allow myself time to relax and reset.


I was born on the 7th day of the month and I celebrate “me” on the 7th of every month. Nothing extravagant, (though that’s ok too). I might purchase a new candle, spend quality time with a friend or family member, buy a good book, take a quick trip, window shop or just relax by sitting on a park bench. I do anything that makes me feel fabulous.


Every year I take two special trips, one is with family or friends and I plan to just relax, laugh and have fun. The second trip is from two weeks to a month and that is to have new experiences, explore new places, check things off my bucket list, photograph, and I try to find time to relax.

Life is short and I want to be able to say that I used my time wisely and enjoyed every moment of it, leaving no stone unturned and feeling really, really good while doing it!

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