Saffron Root

Saffron, referred to by some as Turmeric is a rhizoid known for its numerous health benefits. And, recently the name has been popping up around me quite frequently. Originally from Persia (Iran), the Saffron root is now mainly exported from Spain.

One of it’s common uses is that of a dye, which produces the yellowish, orangish hue seen on the robes that are worn by the Hindu and Buddhists monks of India and China.

According to the Institute For Traditional Medicine, “Saffron has been used as a medicinal herb to promote blood circulation, remove toxins, and to alleviate fever and inflammation.” And, according to my grandmother, it’s used to cleanse the blood.

My grandmother grows it at home in Trinidad, and along with others from my country credits it with the following uses:



 Pain reliever

 Premenstrual Syndrome reliever


As a matter of fact, as I write this, my Saffron is in route with a family friend from Trinidad as i’m under grandmother’s orders to clean out my blood. Check your local Whole foods, Trader Joe’s or  other Supermaket for availability.

*As with all medication, consult your physician before consuming. You can also find more information on the uses and side affects here.

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