A beautiful letter from a Mother to her daughter.

Written by Phobe Luke to her daughter, Bailey. (not pictured)

Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy.


Dear Bailey,

You were born October 16th, 2016 at approximately 6:30 p.m. Your delivery was urgent and you have proved to be that kind of person.

You were found standing in your crib at 5 months old, walked at 7 months and amazed us at 2 years old when you were able to say after visiting your stepgrandfather “I know whats wrong, his life is over.”

You have quickly evolved into a young lady of grace at only 5 years old. I feel like you are growing faster than anticipated.

These letters are my way of slowing down for a moment. Each week I plan to write a letter that imparts some of my ideology about a significant aspect of life.

Today I will begin with just being a citizen of life. Bayli as you grow I hope you will adopt the notion that you are created by God for a purpose greater than yourself.

Living up to that purpose means that no matter what you always take the high road. No matter what happens in your life you are beautifully and wonderfully made and no one can take that from you.

The path that you walk has been ordered by God and if you seek and listen you will always accomplish everything you seek. Understand that there are always several sides to a story and that you should always put your trust in God for all things. It is never a weakness to hear someone out.

Always remember that hearing isn’t the same as believing and at the end of the day it is ok to still stick with your own believes if the ideas presented do not live up to what you already know. Do not believe that it is weak to forgive, instead understand that real humility is our greatest strength.

Always remember to listen more than you speak, because it is in the silence that true understanding can be achieved.


Love MOM


We’re inspired, Phobe. Thank you for sharing.


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