Tanai Benard is a beacon for mothers. Originally from Beaumont, Texas, this inspirational, divorced mother of three has captured the world’s hearts as a woman of courage, strength and personal power. Her story shares the common pain that all women face when struggling to know their worth. Tanai chose fearlessness over comfort, adventure over familiarity, and has become the new face for single mothers living abroad with children.

In This Episode Tanai Talks:

  • What you should do if you are planning on traveling abroad for an extended stay
  • How she went from collecting food stamps to passport stamps

Wellness Issue

  • Tanai’s greatest struggles were with a self-diagnosed bout of depression, drugs and the physical and emotional abuse she endured during her marriage. Her road to recovery included, prayer and a deep awareness that she needed to be and do better for herself and her children.

Self Care Ritual

  • Traveling

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