“Your face is a mirror of your health” (Angela Zhang). And that so happens to be a fact. Your facial appearance can provide a vast insight into what may be going on with the major internal organs of the body. In other words, fix your health and you’ll fix some of the facial woes you might be experiencing.

Used since the time of Confucius, the ancient art of face reading has been effectively used to help determine the health of internal organs. According to Angela Zhang, founder of Chinese Energy Therapy, “The Chinese understand the concept that the face represents the energies, health and fortune of a person, and their wish to live in harmony.”

Face reading was created by the great Huang Di, yellow emperor, and to date, it can still be found in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Of Medicine.

It’s believed that the 5 major organs – heart, liver, lungs, spleen, and kidneys – have openings or windows to the face.

Eyes – are the windows to the liver.
Lips – are the windows to the spleen (stomach)
Tongue – is the window to the heart
Nose – is the window to the lungs
Ears – are the windows to the kidneys



Other than the Chinese face reading, similar eastern practices like Ayurvedic face mapping, is also used to red flag deficiencies with internal health.

An abnormal change in appearance or function to any of these facial structures is usually an indication that its windowed organ may not be in perfect working condition.

I can personally attest to the chin and jaw area breakouts being a sign of hormonal and gynecological issues. When my hormones were out of whack, the place where most of my breakouts showed up was my chin and jaw. It all changed, however, after I incorporated anti-inflammatory foods into my diet and nailed down a solid nutritional routine.

So, look in the mirror. Examine your face for a hint of what might be manifesting internally.

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