Grab a brush. And this one’s not for your hair. It’s for your body.

Detox your body with dry skin brushing. This technique is also known as lymphatic skin brushing and is a rather simple process that removes dead skin cells for instantly smoother, softer, radiant skin, and over time, firmer skin.

I’ve been dry brushing for several years, and my skin is relatively firm. But, I won’t say it’s solely because of the brushing. Genetics and other factors, such as exercise and diet also play a contributing role.

In addition to the outer benefits, internally, it also improves digestion, increases circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, and removes toxins ( which results in improved kidney function ), increases skin’s elasticity and rejuvenates the nervous system.

Here are a few tips that will help you obtain the best results from the dry skin brushing process.

  • Purchase a natural, bristled hairbrush that’s firm and stiff, but not hard, like this one.
  • Brush firmly, but not harshly. Start with the feet and use long ( I’ve also been told short ) upward, sweeping strokes toward the heart.  From the shoulders, brush down, toward the heart. This sweeping motion will quickly transport lymph to the heart. Do not brush back and forth.
  • If possible, brush in the morning, and at least once a day before you shower.
  • Avoid brushing areas that are bruised or broken.
  • Be sure to clean your brush using soap and warm water.

Give it a try, and let us know how it works out for you.

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