At a flower stand in Canterbury, UK

I’ve spent way too many years accumulating unhappy hours. But, no more. Finito. The End. Lately, i’ve been very happy. I know that sounds corny and clique, but it’s the truth. Some time ago, in an effort to increase my happiness hours, I decided to do more of what really made me happy. And, there’s a whole lotta stuff that makes this gal glad. Among my loves are spending quality time with my family, traveling, fashion, creating beauty concoctions, learning french, being outdoors and in nature, biking, sometimes being alone, and lately, writing. If happiness is important to you as it is to me, we have to actively seek out ways to sustain that joyful feeling. Always.

Increasing happiness doesn’t have to cost much. There are simple, no-cost activities that are readily available and doable. Whether it’s going to church, bungee jumping, walking in the park, sewing, swinging, making love, Whatever it may be, think of how much your serotonin (happy hormone) levels escalates in your body, and try to find a way to incorporate more of them into your daily lives.

So, don’t worry. Be happy!  What makes you happy?

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