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It’s a healthy  buzz word that I’m sure you’ve heard mentioned on your television or radio. Maybe you’ve seen it splashed on social media or read about in your newspaper or favorite magazine. Detox. It’s hot, hot, hot. And rightly so. It deserves all the accolades and hype that it’s been receiving. Of course, some might disagree.

My introduction to detoxing came courtesy of my grandmother a very long time ago, long before the current hype. Everyone who grew up in her household, without exception had to have their dose of detox once a month. Looking back, I tell you, we were a healthy pack of children. Rarely did anyone get sick. And if one of us did succumb to a runny nose or a headache, grannie strolled out into the back yard, side yard or front yard and picked some bloody Mary bush, greater wood bush, bay leaf bush or some other healthy herb, which she brewed to bring us back to sound health. We did not question her methodology, we just drank and then felt better.

But then we grew up and started to rely more on modern medicine and less on granny’s inherited healing techniques. I guess it just seems so much more sensible, which really meant we valued the advice of the science backed advice that we did the word of mouth, time-tested, old ladies theories and remedies like my granny’s.

Guess what? I’m back to detoxing. Talk about coming full circle. The very detoxes I shunned from my grandmother’s are the very ones I’m appreciating, plus new ones that I’ve used to harness my health and that of my spouse and clients.


What is a Detox 

A detox is anything you do that eliminates toxins and wastes from your body. Additionally, it’s a cleansing of the mind and spirit, a beautiful journey of renewal and transformation. There are 5 natural organs of the body that are responsible for detoxification: Liver, skin, colon, kidneys and respiratory system. A detox aids these organs with the movement of waste from the inside out.

We live in a highly polluted and toxic world. Our environment is laden with toxins, toxins which seep into our bodies unknowingly. There are toxins in our food supply, makeup, kitchens cabinets, cleaning solutions, skin care, clothing, all around us. And though we can minimize exposure to some toxins, we cannot avoid them all. What we can do, however, is give our body the support it needs to break down and eliminate these unwanted materials.  Our body absolutely needs additional support to help rid it of all the toxins that are constantly being filtered in. And there’s no better way to provide a boost to our detoxification organs than with the goodness of a detox.

Why Detox?

:: for a clean start

:: to deal with emotional eating issues

:: to clean up your health and feel better


Who are Detoxes For?

:: healthy individuals (discuss your health with your physician)


Who are Detoxes not for?

:: pregnant women

:: people with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure

:: people who are insulin resistant

:: people with diabetes

:: people with hypoglycemia


Benefits of a Detox

:: weight loss

:: glowing skin

:: candida cleanse

:: improved digestion

:: liver support

:: cravings cure

:: increased energy & vitality


Different kinds of Detox

:: raw food elimination diet

:: cleanse

:: fast


What to consider when planning a detox? 

:: what your goals are

:: current health

:: your support system

:: your lifestyle/work situation

:: your family structure


So consider what your health goals are. Is a cleanse the right route for you?


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