I’m going join a journey and I want to invite you to come along with me. For Free. This is for my continued healing as much as it is for anyone who wants to participate.

It all started three years ago when I left my stable, pension-paying, science teaching job of 14 years. You see, for quite some time, I was dissatisfied with my role and purpose in life. Something was missing, and I wanted to discover it.

I had my first daughter at 19, and from that point on it was all about caring for the people in my life and ensuring they had everything they needed. I felt if they were happy and fulfilled, I’d be happy and fulfilled. That’s what was passed down to me. It was what I learned. 

In essence, I’d left myself undone in so many ways, and that started to lead to resentment for the very people I was trying to make happy since the tender age of 19.

So at 40, I stepped out on faith and I began a new journey. A journey of faith and renewed hope. A journey of self-discovery and self-care. A journey that’s changed my perspective and the way I live my life. And for that i’m so very, very grateful. 

My journey has bought me to a place of radical, self-care, and by doing so, I’ve created more profound and beautiful relationships with the people I love. And as my journey continues, I look forward to sharing what i’ve been fortunate enough to learn with as many women as I possibly can along the way. 

No woman is an island. I didn’t do this alone. I had great support from coaches, mentors, family, friends and women like myself. It really does takes a village. 

On this journey, you stay right at home, and i’ll send you 21 daily actions via email. These actions are small, but meaningful and allows you to reconnect with you on a deep and nurturing level. This is for you. Not your mother. Not your father. Not your sister. Not your brother. Make this about you.

The wonderful plus is that by doing for you, the people you care about will benefit greatly.


So if you’re in, click the window below and it’ll take you to the sign up page.

The journey begins on September 21, 2015





Take Good Care of You


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