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When life gives her lemons, she makes lemonade. She fills herself up and supports others from the overflow. She practices what she preaches because she knows authenticity is key.  She’s bold, brilliant and beautiful and she knows and owns it. She’s imperfect and perfectly content with the life she lives. She’s learning, growing and evolving. She’s a wanderluster with a spirit that seeks nourishment from the world. She’s cool, radiant and confident because she’s pursuing or living her purpose and or passion. She’s a multitasker because she’s any combination of mama, wife, significant other, grandma, aunty, mentor, working professional, entrepreneur, student, etc. She’s got her own effortless style and grace and sings to her own tune. She finds support and strength in sisterhood.

Any of these sound like you? If it does and you need a platform to share your words with the world, consider writing for Inside Outer Beauty. Content must be original to IOB and not distributed on other sites.

We are seeking writers whose desires are to share and inspire.

There is no pressure. Write and submit for consideration at will.

We’re currently looking for contributors in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellness (nutrition, spirituality, mindfulness, fitness, self-care, etc. )
  • Beauty ( style, sustainable style, toxic-free makeup, etc.)
  • Travel (spa travel, healthy travel, recreation travel, etc.)

What’s in it for you?

If you don’t have your own blog, but love to write and would like others to read your work, this is a perfect opportunity to reach a growing audience. Your name, short bio, website (if any), email (optional) and social media handle (if any) will be included as a contributor. Win. Win.

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