Baby it’s bloody cold outside. Cold to the point of depressing, for some.  So it goes without saying that during this dismal time, we have to take extra, good care of our minds and bodies.

It’s so very easy to sink into depression and despair during these long cold months, especially if you’re not a cold weather type of person. The easiest thing to do is stay indoors and hibernate as much as possible until the warm weather creeps in, and I know the temptation is great. But this is the time for you to combat those reclusive, depressing feelings, and incorporate some fun, and sunshine into your life. 

Here are some surefire ways to weather the winter blues:

Wake up. Get up. Get dressed. Get out. Wake up your body with sound morning rituals. As hard as this may be, it’s the best start to battling the blues. Once you’re out of the bed and dressed, the desire to get out increases, and once you get out, your day will become so much brighter and rewarding. If you’re at work, take your lunch break out of the office. Make a date with a friend to grab a cup of tea. The same goes for if you work at home. Don’t try to sit in all day. Take a break. Get out, meet up with a friend, chit chat, catch up, talk about your plans or what’s new and good in your life. Listen to what’s new and good in your friend’s life. Go to the movies with you hubby or children. Go. Go. Go. Do. Do. Do.

Move your body. Get some form of exercise. Take a yoga class, a zumba class, a hip-hop class. I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Eat clean and green. You hear this a lot. Here it is again. Dark, green, leafy and colored veggies and fruits will fuel you body with the right kind of energy need to work efficiently on your behalf. You will experience a huge improvement in the way your body functions. Start your day out with a green juice or a smoothie. They are extremely nutritious and alkalizing.

Pump up the self care practice. Do something for yourself that makes you feel great about your body and self, everyday. Buy your favorite flowers. Read a few pages of a great book. Have a treat; an ice-cream if you like. Dress up in a sexy outfit. Buy yourself something you love. Do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Learn to love self care. You are precious and special and taking care of others and not caring for yourself is not noble is nonsense. 

Clean out your closet. Spring clean in preparation for summer. Getting all those beautiful summer shin dings out will certainly take your mind off the looming cold weather. 

Take a tropical vacation. Find an affordable vacation in the caribbean or someplace warm. That will be sure to warm up you body and your spirits.

Start planning your summer activities. It’s right around the corner, really. With two more months of winter, before you know it Spring has sprung and then it’s summer sun.

Take your supplements. Vitamin D is especially important this time of year. With longer nights and shorter days getting enough D vitamins can be a chore. But it is essential for the absorption of calcium and proper immune function. Vitamin C will boost your immune function. You can also get it through fruits and veggies like, kale and oranges. 

Volunteer. Be of service to those in need. There are so many people in need of help; the elderly, the sick, the homeless, orphaned children.  Spend time generously giving back, in whatever way you can, without expectations. There is nothing more rewarding. What’s more it’s an opportunity to remove the negative energy from your being and replace it with the spirit of kindness.

If you feel that your depression goes beyond the winter blues, do consult a health professional. 




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