Spring is finally coming alive in my neck of the woods, and it certainly feels great to have warmth and sunshine most days. I feel so much more alive and motivated when the weather is favorable. Very cold, snowy winters get me a tiny bit cranky, and I tend to hibernate a lot. The same can be said for when i’m working indoors.

I love to have a warm cozy favorable space that stimulates and motivates me to get through my work days. However, I had a particular space that was just an empty shell for a year and a half, and it really made me feel yucky whenever I looked at it. In addition, I had family visiting and certainly wanted them to feel warm and welcomed when they walked into my home. So, I had several great reasons to give the room a decor lift.

Since i’d made a promise to myself, as soon as spring rolled in, I got to work on beautifying and illuminating the area. I added some color to the walls, incorporated bright uplifting furniture and gave the space a really cozy, come hang with me look and feel. Though i’m no designer, I feel quite contented with my new, bright and uplifting space.

Having a space that’s clean, comforting and stimulating is so important. Let’s face it, how annoying, and at times depressing is it when you walk into your office or home workspace and see nothing but junk, chaos or blank, drab walls staring back at you? It really just makes me want to turn around and run away.

So whether you work at a desk in the office or a room in your home, you should spend the time to beautify your space and create a sanctuary of light, serenity and functionality.

The feeling of emptiness that I felt whenever I looked into that room was enough to spur me into action.


The boring, barren space


IMG_0705 IMG_0704

The same space after some much needed uplifting. 


There are tons, but here are two reasons why you should beautify your space.

1. You feel motivated to work. Clean, clear and clutter-free spaces are so easy to navigate. Likewise, bright and uplifting areas create a much sunnier and happier disposition. You’ll feel energized and want to get tasks completed, without the grumpy facial expressions at that.

2. Alleviate feelings of stress. When you space is what you want it to be and what it should be, when it aligns with the way you want to feel, you’re inclined to be less stressed. I imagine because it’s easier to feel focused, get clarity and even breathe in an environment that’s uplifting and stimulating. 

What does a clean, clear, bright and uplifting space do for you? Click on the share buttons below and let us know. And do share any suggestions with us.

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