During a recent health conversation, I was asked this question, “If you’re sick, would you see a conventional doctor or a naturopathic doctor?” And, my response was, I’m open to seeing either, depending on what my needs are. (I currently see a conventional doctor with naturopathic tendencies.) When I redirected the same question to the person, she said, “I don’t go to the doctor. I rarely get sick.”

She went on to add that if she did get sick, she would get her remedies from the health food store. Who knows. Maybe she’ll never get sick, and may never need a doctor.  But is this the normal thing to do? Avoid the doctor because you never get sick? Of course not. An annual physical to screen for potential illnesses is extremely advisable. I then asked her if she had to choose, who would it be, and she said she’ll never go to a conventional doctor because they’re no good. I was certain there was a story behind that perspective, but I didn’t ask.

To say that conventional doctors are no good is very harsh. It boils down to a matter of knowing your body and your circumstance in order to make an informed decision.  In my opinion, they are both extremely valuable with different fundamentals pertaining to care. Naturopathic medicine deals with preventative care. They find the source and treat the whole person for long term, positive outcomes. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, is centered around emergency care. They mainly treat symptoms by using drugs of some sort.

I’ve come to realize, for whatever reason, that some people are under the impression that eating well and taking care of themselves means no need to see a doctor. Everyone should visit a doctor (naturopathic or conventional) annually. You don’t need a conventional doctor if you’re all well and good and your clean, food eating and self-caring techniques maintain that wellness. A naturopathic doctor’s care is sufficient. However,  there are times when a conventional doctor’s care and supervision are necessary. Like, when an issue requires surgical intervention or other more invasive techniques.

The reason I promote healing from the inside out with clean foods and increased spirituality, movement, etc., is because it’s the most proactive way of ward off unwanted sickness. All illnesses begin at the cellular level, so we want to combat that by feeding our cells premium quality nutrients. But keep in mind, cells are also influenced by genetics and by environmental factors, some of which we have little or no control over. Who’s to say that at some point in one’s life those factors won’t rear their ugly heads? No one. But what I can say is that eating clean and adapting a healthy, wholesome lifestyle will definitely work to your advantage. You can control some of what you put into your body, and that can make a huge significance in the expression of potentially, dangerous or lethal genes.

The thing is if  you lead a fairly healthy and wholesome lifestyle, but that current lifestyle obviously does not support your health, you need to get the to a doctor, conventional or naturopathic. From there you can make a decision as to which route would be best for your situation. Delusions will get you no I think it’s very important to know where to draw the line and ask for help, the right kind of help. Yes, food can be healing. It is healing. It’s medicine. But the mysteries of the body are far greater than any man can understand. Sometimes we may have to rely on the God-given ability and technology that’s science and, and that science comes in the form of knowledgeable, conventional doctors and other medical professionals.

As a health coach, one of the many reasons I promote a healthy lifestyle is to help others who do  not already know and understand the importance of  nutritional support to the body from a cellular level. Does adequate and proper cellular nutrition along with an optimal lifestyle mean you’ll be free from all diseases? Maybe or maybe not. What I know it means for sure is that you’ll be giving your body a much sturdier, healthier foundation with the hopes that your cells will be better able to ward off harmful mutations and other processes that can lead to sickness. We’re all unique with a unique set of genetic information, and how that plays out partly depends on you and your chosen lifestyle.

Annual checkups should be a must. It’s a major part of self-care. It provides a clearer picture of your health and where it stands. and as an informed individual you’ll have the opportunity to make changes that benefit your health and wellness. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to do.

Do you get annual check up? Who do you use, a conventional doctor or a naturopathic doctor? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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