So you’ve got the all natural sugar scrub and you’re ready to exfoliate and rejuvenate. Surprisingly, a question I get asked by some customers quite often is, how should I use the scrub? So I always explain that aside from using the fingers in a circular motion to distribute the sugar over the skin, there are other tools that can be used to intensify the exfoliating experience. However, keep in mind, what you use for the delicate facial area should not be used for other parts of your body and vice versa.

Also, you don’t have to pair your exfoliating tool with an exfoliant. Some of the tools can be used independently. For example, the brush can be used for dry skin brushing, which promotes lymphatic circulation and the towel can be used in the morning and evening for hot towel scrubbing, a process that cleanses externally and internally (more on this to come). Take a look at the following tools and their uses.


Body Brushaside from dry skin brushing, it is used to exfoliate parts of the body like the arm, legs torso and back areas. It is coarse enough to stimulate circulation and effectively remove dead skin cells.


Facial brush is to be used for the face only. It is small and has very gentle bristles that will gently cleanse and exfoliate your face. Not everyone likes them. Think of this of a much less expensive, organic version of the Clarisonic facial brush.


Loofah is a mesh of mature natural vines that are used for exfoliating the arms, legs, torso and back areas. You can use in tandem with your body scrub or your body wash.


Ramie Washcloth I use a ramie organic washcloth, which is also known as “China grass.” I’ve found that it gives me better results than a regular cotton washcloth. It can be used in conjunction with the sugar or salt scrub on the body for increased exfoliation.  It can also be used with your body wash for a gentle or mild exfoliation or with hot water for a ritualistic hot towel scrub in the morning and evenings.

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Pumice Stone – is crushed volcanic rock. I use it to exfoliate my feet since it can be too abrasive for other parts of the body.

As we get older, our skin begins to lose its youthful luster. The benefits of exfoliating are extremely rewarding. You will enjoy glowing, smooth, healthy and younger looking skin. However, the price of maintaining beauty is consistency. Hope you are exfoliating. Are you exfoliating?

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