Magnifying mirrors are used to enlarge objects, so in this case, the mirror will enlarge the appearance of your face, giving you a close-up and personal view of what’s cooking on the surface of your skin. Some people would rather stay clear of these pesky reflectors because they offer way too much information. I know this is difficult, but I don’t suggest you use it to focus on the things that you’re paranoid about like, the fine lines and naturally occurring creases.

Seeking perfection is not the purpose of this gadget. So, if you know you can’t handle the reality, avoid getting one. It should really be a reminder that we need to cleanse and help nourish our skin by exfoliating, masking, hydrating and moisturizing. Let it be a reminder to indulge in self-care. You don’t need some $500 fancy, schmancy mirror. A basic one that will magnify up to 7x is perfect for personal use.

Now, what you will see is a far cry from what you see when you look into your regular mirror. I remember the first time I looked into one, I recoiled so quickly; it was as though I’d been bitten by a poisonous snake. The oil, the open pores, the discoloration and uneven skin tone all took me by surprise. But, I quickly put it all into perspective and started to cleanse and care more consistently.

These mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. The bigger the number, the larger it’s magnification. For example, 7x magnifies greater than 5x. Of course, the larger the magnification, the higher the price you pay.

Hey, don’t worry about being beautiful. Face it, you’re always beautiful. Believe that.

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