From time to time I like to post a blog about who I am and what I do. I’ve found that it’s a great reminder for both my old and new readers.

I’m Dixie Lincoln- Nichols, wife, mother, author, self-care & wellness connoisseur, and founder of Dixie Bits Bath & Body products, which has been featured in media outlets like, Redbook, Instyle, Essence Online, Natural health, Tampa Tribune and more.

In addition, my love of individual style also led to the creation of  Inside Outer Style, a website that promotes self confidence and self expression through love of fashion and style. You can also find me moonlighting as a style correspondent for the Bella NYC’s blog and print magazine.

My passion for the body and beauty goes back to my childhood and adult training. I taught Biology, Chemistry and health for 14 years. I hold a BA in Biological Science, an MScEd in Teaching and Learning, and received my coaching training from The School of Integrative Nutrition in New York. I recently completed my first book titled, Inside Outer Beauty: Thriving for Healthy and Beautiful Skin Throughout the Ages. Ok, so that was the pomp. On to the my real and current situation and circumstances.


As a result of what I do, women learn to identify, understand, alleviate and/or manage undesirble emotional and physical symptoms related to preimenopause, and lack of self-care so they can reclaim their body’s homeostasis, confidence, ageless sexy, and live beautiful and fulfilling lives from the inside out. I do this by providing workshops, retreats and group/individual coaching. Who do you know that’s ready to live their lives beautifully from the inside out?



I’ve lived with a hormone imbalance, a disorder that afflicts women from as early as their 20’s. I’ve lived with adult acne.  I live with stress – like everyone else – and i’ve lived with medications, which we all know, at times can be band aids rather than cures. However, I’ve also found healing and healthy living through a diet filled with nutrient-dense and wholesome foods, increased spirituality, functional primary foods, and by sorting out other necessary areas of my life. I cleaned out my gut and my circle of life, got a new lease, and now  i’m thriving beautifully from the inside out. You can too.


My mission is to inspire others to live beautifully from the inside out, to educate them on the importance of self-care and the simple processes that can transform their health and happiness.


Are you ready to live beautifully Inside and out?  Yes? Then let’s go. Sign up below or contact me here for a free consultation.

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