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A Bit About Me

I’m Dixie Lincoln- Nichols, wife, mama, author, certified self-care & wellness connoisseur (my fancy word for coach), and entrepreneur. I founded Dixie Bits Bath & Body, which has been featured in media outlets like, Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, Essence Online, Tampa Tribune and more. Currently, I work as a certified health and wellness coach, inspiring and educating women to rediscover their passion and purpose through the practice of self-care.

Early Life

My passion for beauty dates back to my childhood when I was 6 years old, and my grandmother – who is one of the most beautiful gifts to this earth – taught me how to extract coconut oil in our kitchen.  I grew up in a very small village in Trinidad & Tobago, and our humble lifestyle included lots of organic living. My medicines had names like Christmas bush, bay leaf, greater wood bush, sage, senna pods, turmeric and so much more. We rarely had to go to a doctor’s office, and cough syrup was a rarity in our home.  In fact, I survived mumps and measles. Don’t get me wrong, I love western medicine for its treatment capabilities. But I also love traditional medicine for its preventative abilities. I believe they both play an integral role in one’s well-being.

Life In The USA

At 16 years old, my life in the USA got off to a rough and dramatic start. I became a mother at 19. Fast forward several years later, I earned BA degrees in Biology & Chemistry with the intention of attending medical school. However, due to family obligations, my plans were put on hold, and instead, I pursued an MScEd in Teaching and Learning, which then led to an unplanned, but much appreciated 14-year stint as a Biology/Chemistry/Health teacher in New York City.

A New Journey

I can’t remember when exactly, but one day while sitting at my desk in school, I began to think, this cannot be the rest of my life. Now way. I was totally unfulfilled and devoid of passion and purpose. Thus began my journey to rediscover my passion and purpose in life. I eventually made the decision that being happier and content with a purpose driven life was much more rewarding and healthier than sacrificing myself for a self-sabotaging career.

So I set out on a self-care sabbatical, in pursuit of my purpose. Along the way, I created a bath and body product line called, Dixie Bits, which has been featured in national publications like, Redbook, Instyle, Essence Online, Natural health, The Tampa Tribune and more.  Then you guessed it, I quit my job. Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, I also discovered The School of Integrative Nutrition in New York and signed up for their coaching program. Hands down, it was one of the best investments I’d ever made. My experience with IIN concluded with a health and wellness certification, the publication of my first book – Inside Outer BeautyThriving for Healthy and Beautiful Skin Throughout the Ages, and a burning desire to help women life more beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding lives from the inside out. I’ve also studied Detox, cleansing and juicing at the School of Naturopathic Medicine in London, UK.

My Belief

Beauty is a gift that we are all born with. In all, it’s inherent and in some it’s transparent. Our environment and our experiences greatly affect and determine how we perceive and manifest beauty. Beauty is a brilliant energy that diffuses from the inside out. Its luminosity is affected by everything we do; the way we eat, the way we speak, the way we feel, the way we perceive and conceive. Beauty is in you. I am beautiful. You are beautiful.

It’s up to each of us to dive deep and dissect any unhealthy habits that are growing roots and taking up residence within our being. We have the power to influence our lives and some of our outcomes. All we need to do is practice awareness, acceptance, and take action. I now live my life embracing all of me and what I love. I love living authentically, spiritually, healthily, and freely. And that to me is beautiful.

What I Do/My Mission

Through the practice of self-care, I support people to live happy, fulfilled, and gratifying lives. They learn to reclaim their body’s homeostasis, confidence, ageless beauty, and sexy, all from the inside out. I do this through my podcasting series, workshops, retreats, and group/online/individual coaching. 

My mission is to educate and inspire women to live beautifully inside and out! 

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