I used to be the queen of stress, and it caused me some good grief. Seriously, from household chores, to husband, to children, to business, you name it, if it didn’t go according to my well laid out plan, I stressed. The sickness that was building up inside me and the constant anxious feeling that consumed me precluded me from being truly happy and content.

If we desire change, we have to start somewhere. I started with this simple breathing technique; a technique that has brought me through numbers stressful moments. Keep in mind, because stress is constant, this along with any stress less technique should be just as constant. If you need, give it a try. It works for me.

I’ve since learned numerous ways to counteract my stress, but there are some that I turn to daily. One such is breathing. When ever I feel anxiety or stress about any impromptu issue, I stop and breath deep.

This technique is awesome and known as the 4-7-8 breathing technique, which I learned from the amazing Dr. Andrew Weil. It works perfectly whenever something alters my mood for the worst or i’m beginning to feel stress build up in my body. Try it twice per day and up to four times per day, but not more than four times. The key is to be consistent and incorporate it into your every day.



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