There is much ado about what’s the best way or the right way to apply products to your skin. And with so much information whirling around the World Wide Web, there’s also bound to be some confusion and misinformation.

Well, we’re adding our bit with the hopes that it clears up any confusion. There is definitely a recommended order to apply skincare products to the skin. Why? Because dermatologists recommend applying products based on weight. The lightest should be applied first and the heaviest last.

Now, we’re all uniquely beautiful and different beings with different needs. Some have 3 steps in their AM/PM skincare routine while others have 10 or 12. No judgment. We each do what feels right to us.

I’ve put together a simple guide that you can use. If your routine consists of more steps than is listed, I’m sure Google will find you one that’s more appropriate.

I’ve had folks ask me if they should put the eye cream on before or after the moisturizer/serum. I say it does not matter. You’re not putting serum and moisturizer on your undereye area and likewise, you’re not putting the undereye serum on the rest of your face. So before or after, it does not matter.

Now if you have things like spot treatments, put those on after the toner. If you’re doing peels, apply them as you would the masks and exfoliators. Typically, you’re not going to mask and exfoliate/peel on the same night.

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