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From birth, the model of behavior for women is learned primarily from our beautiful mothers and female elders. As a result, many have been handed a legacy of caring; caring for others and leaving themselves undone. Our grandmothers modeled it for our mothers. Our mothers modeled it for us, and in turn, we model it for our daughters.

It matters not how old you are. It’s never to late to make the decision to care for yourself. It’s never to late to want fulfillment in your life. However,  being fulfilled requires moment by moment decisions and actions that are healthy and beneficial to us. The key my beauties to fulfilling your desires lies inside of you, in a place where, only you can come to the understanding and acceptance that you are worthy of and need care, and then only you can make the decision to take care of you, inside and out.


Commit to making self care a priority


♦ Develop your spiritual practice. 

Develop daily, self care rituals and routines. 

Speak lovingly & kindly to your self.

Eat clean, whole foods as much as possible.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Volunteer your time to help others in need.

Move your body, somehow. Dance, walk, etc.

Examine & adjust your perspective as needed.

Pamper & groom yourself often.

Learn to forgive and move on. 

 ♦ Celebrate your age & sexy. And have fun.


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