Fibroids are noncancerous (benign) tumors that take up residence in the uterine cavity, or outside or inside the walls of the uterus. Hence the term uterine fibroids.

They can range in size from a pea to larger than a grapefruit, and a woman can have one or several fibroids, each varying in size. For example, I have four. The largest is 6cm (now disintegrating) and the other three are 2 to 3cm.

For some, there are no symptoms associated with fibroids so many women are unaware that they even have them. However, some women experience a slew of symptoms, which can range from mild to extremely painful.

Here are 6 signs to look our for:

  1. You have long, heavy periods, accompanied with lots of clotting.
  2. Your stomach feels sore to the touch and you can feel a lump in your abdomen.
  3. You feel pressure and or discomfort in your rectum
  4. You feel pain during sexual intercourse
  5. You urinate frequently
  6. You experience chronic pain in your pelvis

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, do see a doctor for further examination. Learn everything you can about what they are and the possible ways of treating them. Even if you don’t have any information when you do have a conversation with your healthcare provider, be comfortable and confident, and ask whatever question comes to mind. No question is a stupid question, especially when it comes to your health.

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