Natural deodorants are all the rage and has been for some time. So, what’s the big attraction? Well it depends on who you ask. People love them for different reasons, and we’ve put together five reasons.

Natural deodorants:

  1. Are formulated with natural ingredients.
  2. Do not contain toxicants – synthetics that can cause harm to the body, (i.e. aluminums, parabens, tricolasan, etc.)
  3. Mask odor but do not prevent sweating. Some people actually prefer to sweat.
  4. Do not block pores.
  5. Contain natural ingredients that neutralize bacteria, which causes odor (it’s the bacteria that smells).

Keep in mind finding the right deodorant is not as easy as 1, 2, 3…it requires trial and error. For some first time’s a charm and for others third or fourth time is the charm. Keep looking. You will find the right one. I promise.

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