Are you one of those women who have only male friends because you don’t get along with women and you don’t like drama? Well, you might be missing out. I can’t identify with having all male friends. But I can say that I’ve had great girlfriends over the years, and I would not trade them for anything in the world, drama and all. Girlfriends are glorious. They are grounding. They are gorgeous. And I can think of many adjectives, but here’s a breakdown of


4 reasons girlfriends are great for you


They can support you. Want advice or someone to talk to? A great girlfriend will listen to you sound off and tell you like it is. She can provide a fresh perspective that can help you through a dilemma. She’ll provide a shoulder to cry on and help you heal from the pain. No doubt, it’s always easier to overcome obstacles and embrace challenges when a girlfriend’s got your back.

They can hold you accountable. Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn’t find the confidence or fortitude to see it through. Your true girlfriend can light a fire under you and remind you of your purpose or intent, of the reason why you want to do what you want to do. Having someone to check-in and monitor your actions will help you attain your goals much faster.

They can help you live a happier and healthier life. Studies have shown that women who have girlfriend circles enjoy decreased stress, depression, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Furthermore, women with close girlfriends are said to be more likely to survive a serious illness like cancer.

And what better way to sweat at a workout out than with your girlfriend. Chances are you’ll feel much more motivated to move that body and embrace a healthier lifestyle if your girlfriend is on board to encourage and support you.

They can be your BFF. There’s nothing like having a girlfriend who you know will be your girl for the rest of your life. She’s always there for you. No matter what. Like a marriage, through thick and thin you love, cherish and support each other. You fight, you break up, you kiss, and you makeup. That’s what real girlfriends do. Isn’t that good for you?

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