Want some inspiration for great tasting, gorgeous, healthy, vegan (if you are) meals? Well, you don’t have to look too far. With the advent of Instagram, there is inspiration galore. Just log on, type in a hashtag and, viola. You got it.

Up until 4 years ago, I did not cook very much. But once I embarked on my self-care sabbatical, that all changed. Cooking became therapeutic and almost, addictive.

However, as a novice, my creativity was limited and boring. But thank God. Instagram saved a lot of the days. I am ever so grateful because it’s where I find 90 percent of my inspiration for trying out new and delightful meals and goodies.

Check out some of my favorites foodie grams. These ladies never disappoint.


Food Heaven Show

The Food Heaven Show’s feed is curated by two Registered Dietitians, BFFs and authors. Their colorful recipes are made to keep you healthy and beautiful from the inside out. What better feeling is there than eating delicious food that’s great for you.


Lorraine Pascale

Soul feeder, best-selling author, TV chef, model and mamma, Lorraine Pascale’s feed is ah-mazing. The sight of her delicious looking dishes will leave you salivating. And when you try her actual recipes, you’ll definitely be satiated and wanting more. ‘You gotta check her out.

Sweet Simple Vegan

For all you vegans out there, get inspired by this gorgeous feed. Every meal on Sweet Simple Vegan posts will make you lick your lips. Jasmine features everything, from cookies, to ice cream, to lasagna, to smoothies, to sandwiches. Gosh, you name it, she makes it the vegan way.


Lee of America

This recipe and fitness lover got me with the macro bowls and purple smoothies. Lee Tilghman shares her culinary creations via beautifully laid out pics that makes you want to dive into the page and feed on her goodies.

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