Yet, again, we are dealing with devastation and loss of life both at home and abroad. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to Las Vegas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, the Caribbean islands that were devastated by the hurricanes, and everyone who is hurting.

I’d like to offer you three strategies to help cope with feelings of sadness or moments of stress that may arise due to all that is going on in the world and maybe in your own lives.


1. Keep your compassion clear

Whenever you see suffering in others, resist the temptation to suffer with them. It never helps. Instead, disconnect from the person’s suffering while remaining mentally and empathetically engaged with it. Disconnecting prevents your power from being drained so that you can concentrate on giving the help that is needed. This is compassion in action. (Mike George)

2. Focus your attention on your breath

Place a palm on your belly. Take a deep inhale through your nostrils, feel your belly rise as the diaphragm moves down and your ribs move upward and outward. Hold for 3 – 5 seconds. Release the breath through your nose, feel your belly fall as the diaphragm rises and your ribs move downward and inward. Oxygen is life. It communicates to every single cell in your body that you are safe. It offsets the overproduction of Adrenaline which can lead to anxiety and stress. It calms the body and keeps us in a state of rest, repair and digest. 


3. Feel your Feelings 

Take a moment to connect with your feelings, sit with them, acknowledge them, sort them out. Then move on.



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