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Have you ever been in a situation or situations where you feel drained by the people around you? People take advantage of you or use you for what you can do for them? Isn’t that exhausting? Isn’t that hurtful? I think we’ve all been there done that. I know i’m guilty of having done this at some point in my life.

Sometimes I can be a bit of a push over. So, I’ve made some personal endeavors for this year. I’m drawing the line. No more pushing over. Done. I am getting rid of the energy vampires in my life. Yes, all the well meaning, normal people who unintentionally drain my energy are going bye, bye. These are some of my intentions, they go something like this:

1. Serve God and try to obey his commandments

2. Do more of what makes me & my family happy

3. Live, Love and Laugh, unapologetically

4. Take care of those who want me to

5. Release the energy vampires

6. Continue to take chances 

7. Keep crushing fear

8. Live my purpose

9. Take care of myself 

10. Shake things off

11. Be more grateful

12. Listen more

13. Live generously

Little by little small actions can make a big difference in improving your life. Forget about fighting the old and build the new. Don’t worry about what people will say or how they look at you. Keep thriving toward your endeavors. 

What do you endeavor for 2015? 

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