So today I’m sharing a decision I’ve made with you.

I’ve decided to move to another country for an extended stay. I’m not quite sure how long my stay will be, that all depends on my ability to get a long-term visa. But, I do know I’ll be going for a minimum of 6 months.

I’m going to save you the long, drawn out, written synopsis. Instead, you can watch me talk about some of the reasons in the video above.

And in case you miss any, here they are:

  1. Traveling makes me happy
  2. To create new and memories for myself  & my family
  3. Learn about other cultures.
  4. Meet new people
  5. Face my fears of the unknown & get out of my comfort zone
  6. Rediscover who I am
  7. Give my child the opportunity to learn more about the world at large.
  8. I want to explore the world while I’m young
  9. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Retirement is not guaranteed
  10. It’s Relaxing!


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