A Big Beautiful Welcome To You!


The fact that you’re here means you are either a savvy, self-care connoisseur or you have a deep desire to be one.

A self-care connoisseur is a woman who is an expert in – or learning – the art of caring for herself so she can succeed in business and in life. And that means however and wherever her heart and body desires.


The beauty of SELF-CARE is the FREEDOM is can bring to you to be able to live beautifully inside and out.

Take Time For Self. It Is A Source Of Empowerment!




Self-care is the vehicle that can take you to your unique happiness. It can take you from undone to on top of this wickedly, wonderful world. It can take you from fed up to freedom, from unhealthy to healthy, from broke to bringing in the big bucks, from fearful to fearless,  from confusion to clarity to cash, from passionless to purposeful, from unhappy to blissful, from staycationer to global vacationer, from giving up to giving back. Yes! The possibilities are endless. It is, in essence, the lack of self-care that prohibits us from living the lives we truly want.


Self-care is not sleazy, stingy nor selfish. It is rewarding, enlightening,

uplifting, soulful, spiritual, physical, emotional, devotional,

transformational, divine and so much more.


From birth, the model of behavior for women is learned primarily from our beautiful mothers and female elders. As a result, many have been handed a legacy of caring; caring for others and leaving themselves undone. Our grandmothers modeled it for our mothers. Our mothers modeled it for us, and in turn, we model it for our daughters. As you can imagine, or may already know, it’s a model that does not serve us or those we’re charged to care for.


Today’s typical woman, however, is living a total 180 lifestyle than that of her ancestors. She’s courageously commanding and carrying out tasks that were once the responsibility of her paternal ancestors. She is no longer solely responsible for holding down the homestead. Rather, she is kicking butt at home and however far her capabilities and confidence can take her. That includes the board room, the ER room, the CEO suite, the pilot seat, and the presidential seat.


That said, she also has way more responsibilities that her maternal ancestors did. So how does she do it all? Well,  sometimes she does, and sometimes she doesn’t.  Sadly, many of today’s multitasking women aren’t multiplying their self-care to match their myriad of responsibilities, and this, in fact, is the basis for a WOMAN UNDONE.


And though the words, self-care may sound simplistic, they are anything but. Think about the many areas in our lives that contribute to our undoing; eating the wrong foods; mismanaging finances, lack of passion or purpose, no coping strategies, dysfunctional relationships and the absence of fun. They all boil down to lack of self-care. And that lack can leave an otherwise  lovely lady, totally UNDONE


I’m Dixie, a SELF-CARE CONNOISSEUR (expert in the fine art of self-care.) and health & wellness coach. I’ve spent 14 years as a bio/chemistry and health educator, and obtained my health coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. (INN).  Caring for self; body, mind and spirit have led me and some of my clients to their biggest breakthroughs. Using the pillars of self-care, I help WOMEN UNDONE  reignite or ignite their passion and their purpose through the practice of self-care.  I do this through my podcasting series, workshops, retreats, events and group/individual coaching.